Small Groups for 2019 are operating. These groups are designed for you to have a closer relationship with people in the church and for you to grow in the knowledge of God. If you are not attending a Small Group but feel you would like to - please contact Pastor Brian who will assist you in determining which one is best suited for you.

Are you a person who for what ever reason does not or can not attend church, but feel you may be comfortable to learn about and discuss God's word in the comfort of some ones lounge? If so, a Small Group may be for you. Phone the church on the number at the foot of the page and explain to the receptionist or Pastor your situation and ask to be recommended a Small Group to attend.


Replenish 2019 - Auckland (A Women's Conference)

"As He Promised"

Life begins full of hope and promise. The promise of a new day, the promise of purpose and future, the promise of fruitfulness and harvest. But your journey may take you down roads that you didn’t expect, that you had not planned for and that you would not have chosen. In those seasons you need to know that your God is immutable, his nature is unchanging. When he called you he meant it, when he set you apart he intended to see it through to completion. His word is His oath and His promise still stands. Let’s gather together to be uplifted, inspired and replenished. Let’s, together, declare the goodness of God over all of our circumstances!

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The Replenish Team​

Date and Time

Fri., 14/06/2019, 7:00 pm – Sat., 15/06/2019, 6:00 pm NZST


Elim Christian Centre Botany

159 Botany Road

Botany Downs

Auckland, Auckland 2010


School Student (Year 8 - 13)  $44.00

Tertiary Student / Single Parent / Senior   $54.00

Adult  $74.00

To Register for this conference, see the brochure and how to register below, or register online at the website of The Elim Church Of New Zealand. Click on "Conferences" at the top of the page and select Replenish Conference from the drop-down. Click on Auckland, ensure the Auckland page has come up, then click on Register.

Below is the As He Promised, Replenish 19 brochure.

Replenish 19 brochure P1

Replenish 19 brochure P2

Replenish 19 brochure P3

Replenish 19 brochure P4

Replenish 19 brochure P5

Replenish 19 brochure P6



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