COVID-19 Level 1

Under level 1 most things are pretty much back to normal - no restrictions on gatherings

Church services are back on every Sunday. Small Groups and other gatherings are all back to normal.

If you want to find out about a Small Group to attend then call the Church number and ask about one that would suit you. Get out and get involved!

It's all go so.....

See you at Church this Sunday

All are welcome - - - - Yes we welcome visitors also.

Please Pray And Uplift Your Pastor Daily

Day in and day out, week after week your pastor works on your behalf. There are many trials and tribulations that your pastor faces day after day that we may never hear about. Please pray and uplift your pastor day by day and when you have the opportunity, speak some encouragement into his life. Below is the the reading from "The Word For Today" for the 14th February 2019.

'Honour...your leaders in the Lord's work.' 1 Thessalonians 5:12 NLT

If you want to encourage your pastor:
(1) Cut the criticism. Most workers are evaluated each year based on their job performance; pastors are evaluated every week. Remember, if a particular sermon doesn't scratch where you itch, chances are somebody else needs to hear it.

(2) 'Remember your leaders who taught you the Word' (Hebrews 13:7 NLT), and pray for their spiritual growth. Goethe said, 'If you treat a person as he is, he'll stay that way. But if you treat him as what he ought to be, he'll become what he ought to be and could be.'

(3) Write a note. Especially when something your leader says or does ministers to you. Verbal encouragement is good, but a note can be read many times over.

(4) Put your talents to work. For example, if you're mechanically inclined, service the pastor's car. If you're technologically savy, help them improve their computer skills. Instead of saying, 'You need to do this,' say, 'I'd like to help by doing.' Ask where your skills are most needed and become an active participant.

(5) Squash gossip. James said, 'If you...don't control your tongue...your religion is worthless' (James 1:26 NLT). Counter negative talk with positive comments, and correct misinformation with truth. If all else fails - walk away!

(6) Be openly responsive. Nothing encourages leaders like seeing people respond to their preaching and teaching.

(7) Lose the measuring stick. Instead of expecting them to be a mirror image of their predecessor, thank God for your pastor's individual style to minister to those in need.

Soulfood: Gen 35-36 Luke 9:57-62 Ps 149 Pro 4:25-27,

Weekly News Letter / Bulletin

We are not producing a weekly News Bulletin at the moment. Announcements are made during the course of the morning service on Sunday. Those announcements may or may not be displayed on this page. A monthly Bulletin / Schedule of meetings / activities is presently being produced. The July 2020 Bullentin / Schedule is available for viewing on our Weely Newsletter page.

VOLTAGE Youth Group Mid-Week Gatherings

The VOLTAGE youth group is for year ages 9 - 13, call the Church to inquire about attendance at this group.

Small Groups

These groups are designed for you to have a closer relationship with people in the church and for you to grow in the knowledge of God. If you are not attending a Small Group but feel you would like to - please contact Pastor Brian who will assist you in determining which one is best suited for you.

There are both day time and evening Small Groups in operation.

It's not too late to join one. We have different groups you could join, all with something different to offer. If you're looking to find family, look here!

Are you a person who for what ever reason does not or can not attend church, but feel you may be comfortable to learn about and discuss God's word in the comfort of some ones lounge? If so, a Small Group may be for you. Phone the church on the number at the foot of the page and explain to the receptionist or Pastor your situation and ask to be recommended a Small Group to attend.


Light Party Image

The Light Party was a great success.



The Elim Church would like to thank all people and local businesses for
your support in our re-launch of the Light Party held on 31 October 2019. We are so
thankful for all of your help!

Here is a list of local businesses who sponsored this event.

                                •                         David Henry Grants                                                      Graize Mighty Fine Meats
                            •                         New World                                                                    Hales  Driving School               
                            •                         Tokoroa 3D Cinemas                                                    Aotea Dairy
                            •                         TACS Technology                                                         Activate Church    
                            •                         Impact Photographic                                                    South Waikato Cycles & Lawncare
                            •                         TCOSS                                                                         New 2U Traders
                            •                         Unichem                                                                       The Craft Barn
                            •                         Burger King                                                                   Arama Ngapo-Lipscombe
                            •                         Richard's Computer Services                                       LMC Law Limited
                            •                         GYM 56                                                                        The Salvation Army
                            •                         South Waikato District Council                                     South Waikato Indoor Pools
                            •                         South Waikato Event Centre

Thank you Tokoroa for your help
and love for our kids and for our community.
Together we can make a difference!

Parents ....

please collect your children from the Crèche / Kids  Church every Sunday straight after church ... BEFORE going to the Cafe. Please make yourselves known to the Kids Church Leaders.

Global Nulife Ministries

The June 2020 Global Nulife Ministries News Letter is available for viewing on our Missions Page.
Elim Tokoroa supports a number of causes in India through the work of Nancy Dykes and Global Nulife Ministries.

Christian Radio Stations

The South Waikato and immediate Tokoroa area has a choice of Christian radio and television stations you can listen to. Information about these stations can be found on our Radio Rhema & Shine TV page. Click on the Short-cut link at the foot of any of our pages.

Facebook Page

Elim Tokoroa  has a Facebook page. There you may find reports of recent events in the church community, videos of recent events and various other snippets of information. Please "Like" these items on Facebook as this is another way to draw people to see what our church does and to see that us real people, in a real world, serving a real God, with real answers, are having fun while doing that.
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