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Radio Rhema


Rhema has been broadcasting to the people of New Zealand since 1978. Over the years, we have grown from one man's dream and a backyard studio, to become one of the country's largest radio networks, reaching thousands of people every day.

The first radio station in New Zealand to use satellite technology, we continue to break new ground at the forefront of broadcasting technology.

Rhema differs from commercial radio in that 30,000 New Zealanders unite with staff in changing lives for good by financially supporting the station, paying a yearly membership fee. These subscriptions, along with donations, currently make up the majority of our income. Our bottom line is changed lives.

Without the love, support and prayers of these people Rhema would not be what it is today.



Tokoroa has its own Radio Rhema station located on Colson's Hill. The Radio Rhema signal is brought down from satellite and re-broadcast over the Southern Waikato area on 99.7 FM


Radio Rhema is part of the Rhema Broadcasting Group (RBG). Other radio stations that broadcast from Hamilton, over the Waikato region and may be receivable in Tokoroa are Radio Rhema AM, Life FM, Southern Star and The Word.




R H E M A...General Listening......................................99.7 FM or 855 AM


(( )) live it.....Youth Rock....................................94.6 FM


Star network.....Gentle sounds.................576 AM


The WORD.........................................................................87.7 FM Tokoroa - Bible on air 24 / 7

Do you have trouble reading the Bible? Haven't got a Bible you can understand? Would you like to listen to easy listening Bible teaching and scripture readings any time of day or night?  Tokoroa has a radio station called "87.7 FM Tokoroa" which broadcasts the Word of God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just tune your radio to 87.7 FM. You should be able to receive this station anywhere within the Tokoroa residential area and some distance into the surrounding country side. It is a mixture of 20 - 25 minute Bible teachings, music and scripture reading from a variety of Bible versions in easy listening and easy to understand reading. No adverts, no church promotion, just simply - the Word Of God in different formats.

Note;  87.7 FM Tokoroa is a privately operated LPFM station covering Tokoroa township and a few kilometres                                         into the surrounding country side.



Local Radio Rhema Technicians:


Kelvin Brown Phone :- 886.8819

Alan Bowring Phone :- 886.2206





Thanks to the now closed T J"S Music & Appliances (Tim Bryant) for the donation of the satellite dish for the Tokoroa Radio Rhema station.

Thanks to  Jim Buchanan of JIMSAT for donating his time and expertise, erecting, connecting and aligning the satellite dish for the Tokoroa  Radio Rhema station.

Radio Rhema frequencies for remainder of New Zealand

Kaitaia 549 AM

Kaikohe / Bay of Islands 99.9 FM

Whangarei 621 AM

Auckland 1251 AM

Hamilton 855 AM

Tauranga 104.6 FM

Rotorua 93.5 FM

Tokoroa 99.7 FM

Gisborne 103.7 FM

Taupo 95.2 FM

Taumarunui 97.5 FM

Wairoa 92.5 FM

Taranaki 540 AM

Opunake 93.6 FM

Raetihi 95 FM

Hawkes Bay 99.1 FM

Wanganui 104.8 FM

Manawatu 91.4 FM

Masterton 97.5 FM

Kapiti 103.9 FM

Wellington 972 AM

Nelson 801 AM

Picton 103.5 FM

Blenheim 104.1 FM

Murchison 97.3 FM

Westport 94.9 FM

Reefton 95.9 FM

Kaikoura 105.1 FM

Greymouth 92.3 FM

Christchurch 540 AM

Timaru 104.3 FM

Twizel 91.8 FM

Wanaka 89.0 FM

Queenstown 94.4 FM

Oamaru 106.4 FM

Cromwell 89.5 FM

Alexandra 92.7 FM

Te Anau 94.4 FM

Tapanui 99.2 FM

Dunedin 621 AM

Gore 99.2 FM

Balclutha 96.1 FM

Clinton 88.3 FM*

Invercargill 1404 AM
Kaitaia 103.5 FM

Waimamaku 106.3 FM

Whangarei 98.8 FM

Dargaville 104.2 FM

Auckland 99.8 FM

Waikato 94.6 FM

Bay of Plenty 94.6 FM

Whakatane 104.9 FM

Rotorua 106.3 FM

Taupo 105.6 FM

Gisborne 100.5 FM

Taumarunui 96.7 FM

Taranaki 99.6 FM

Raetihi 98.2 FM

Hawkes Bay 93.5 FM

Wanganui 100.8 FM

Manawatu 96.2 FM

Kapiti 96.7 FM

Wairarapa 88.7 FM

Porirua 98.1 FM

Golden Bay 93.4 FM

Nelson 93.6 FM

Picton 91.5 FM

Blenheim 93.7 FM

Westport 104.5 FM

Greymouth 94.7 FM

Rangiora 106.8 FM*

Christchurch 87.6 FM*

Ashburton 91.7 FM

Timaru 105.1 FM

Wanaka 105 FM

Oamaru 95.2 FM

Cromwell 91.1 FM

Alexandra 103.9 FM

Te Anau 91.2 FM

Dunedin 94.2 FM

Gore 105.6 FM

Balclutha 92.1 FM

Invercargill 100 FM

Auckland 882 AM

Hamilton 576 AM

Tauranga 657 AM

Taupo 88.3 FM */106.9 FM*

Gisborne 92.5 FM

Taumarunui 95.9 FM

Taranaki 612 AM

Raetihi 92.6 FM

Hawke’s Bay 909 AM

Wanganui 594 AM

Masterton 100.7 FM

Wellington 657 AM

Nelson 612 AM

Murchison 88.3 FM*

Westport 103.7 FM

Greymouth 104.3 FM

Christchurch 612 AM

Timaru 594 AM

Wanaka 87.6 FM*

Queenstown 107 FM*

Cromwell 87.6 FM*

Alexandra 100.7 FM

Te Anau 89.6 FM

Dunedin 1377 AM

Mosgiel 87.6 FM*

Balclutha 88.9 FM

Invercargill 1026 AM

* This is a low power FM frequency. Coverage is limited and reception strength will vary.

* Stations marked with an asterisk are not part of RBG - they re-broadcast our programmes with our permission; they are low power stations and therefore do not give full coverage of an area.
Links to The Other RBG Station Sites
  • Shine TV


    Shine TV is a television network of the Rhema Broadcasting Group Inc - New Zealand's largest Christian media organisation.


    On-air since December 2002, Shine broadcasts 24 hours nationwide on the SKY digital and Freeview Satellite platforms, with regional channels in Canterbury, Nelson and Wellington.




    Shine TV......................SKY Digital channel 201

    .......................................FREEVIEW channel 25


    Button to watch Shine TV On Line.

Vision Statement
To lift up the name of Jesus Christ and communicate the reality of a personal relationship with Him to the people of New Zealand, through Christian broadcasting, as part of the Body of Christ for the glory of God.

Mission Statement

  • To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • To operate broadcasting networks in New Zealand

  • To promote Biblical values, such as righteousness, justice and mercy

  • To encourage, exhort and challenge through music and other programming

  • To educate, inform and entertain for the promotion of well-being amongst New Zealanders

  • To expand the networks to effectively reach the people of New Zealand

  • To explore new avenues for Christian programming and/or broadcasting


Shine TV  can also be received via the freeview satellite Optus D1 which transmits about 30 channels, mostly the New Zealand network TV channels and some Australian.

A number of international freeview Christian channels can be received from the Optus D2 satellite which transmits between 40 and 50 freeview channels , some of which are in foreign languages. Amongst the Christian channels are TBN, Church Channel, Smile Of A Child, God TV,  Daystar and Inspiration.  There are also world news channels broadcasting in English and foreign languages.
If you do not have satellite freeview but think you may like to - - give JIMSAT a call to find out more.

DISCLAIMER: Elim Christian Centre Tokoroa has no input in regards to the programs aired, the content of those programs or the views expressed on those programs aired on the radio and television stations referred to on this page. Therefore the radio and television stations referred to on this page may air material in their programming that does not align with the statements of faith and or beliefs expressed by the Elim Christian Centre Tokoroa.